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Virtual Reality (VR) offers a highly lifelike sensory experience, and will have many applications in corporate communications. As an early adopter, we started pioneering work to progress VR video production services.

In 2015 we selected Oculus as our preferred supplier for the hardware and acquired one of their development stage headsets, which delivers video directly to a head mounted display.

What can be done?

Working to commission, we can produce 360 experience VR films whether created using 3D motion graphics or filmed with a 360 degree camera rig.

Viewers can move through the virtual landscape of our films, looking around the space in which they find themselves.

What are the uses?

The experience is highly realistic and very immersive. Any application that requires engaging video, can now have the 'engagement factor' turbo charged! Applications that lend themselves to VR Film Production include:
Healthcare Communications: Fly through a body as the science is explained, or experience what the patient experiences when they have a GP consultation!

Product videos: See the product in action; move through and around it.
Virtual tours: Show your customers a venue/hotel/facility and let them fly through it, without the need to visit.
Development organisations: See the families your work is helping - step inside their village and their home!
Grab your customer's attention: Even a video message from your CEO is a lot more impactful if customers have the opportunity to 'meet' with them in a virtual reality space.

How is VR video viewed?

Delivery can take place through a variety of devices:

1. High quality VR headsets, which we can source for special events.
2. Smart phones, sometimes also using a headset with your smart phone. Headsets include Google's 'cardboard'. VR Films can be viewed on our YouTube channel if your computer is using Google Chrome to browse, or on a smart device running the YouTube app.

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